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> Russell Standish wrote on 13/11/2005
> > I noticed we'd crossed in the post. But please explain why time in
> > gaol and hypnogic myoclonus have different 1- and 3- effects?
> Actually I think that one of my posts, the relevant one, has
> disappeared altogether so I enclose a attachment of it. The
> differences between time in jail and hypnagogic myoclonis are
> less from each other in this context, than insofar as they would
> have different 1- and 3- effects. i.e. they would both have a
> different effect in a 3-world to what they would in a 1-world,
> very loosely. In the case of time in jail I loosely rely on
> Parfit's ideas, whilst using it as an example. For hypnagogic
> myoclonus - well it was chosen as an example with a clear
> qualia feeling about it, amongst other things.

Perhaps you can explain Parfit's ideas. I'm not familiar with them.

> In other words the person with it would very clearly feel the effect,
> as a 1-effect, different from a simple 3-effect (descriptive). But we
> still have imprecisely defined notions of these 1-effects and
> 3-effects.But this is all AFAIK.  I know of no set of clear axioms
> or similar which will help, for 'strong mechanism', with clear
> descriptive statements thrown in. 'Strong mechanism'  is not all
> that clear or definite, and even if it were it is probably
> counterintuitive.

Maybe this will become understandable when you explain Parfit's ideas...

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