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Yes, I mean looking the same event (a finished ensemble of instants) forever from the first person perspective. Nevertheless I think the probability, that a possible event happens, increase with the course of time. On an infinite time (a point of view of an immortal person), could this possibility become a necessity?

I guess so.

So if every possibility can be regards as a necessity, every possibility will be come true sooner or later even from an first person perspective, won't it?

I don't think so. The possibilities and necessities are relative. Also it is hard to reason about them intuitively given that eventually they rely on the very counterintuitive logic of self-reference. Well, technically you got it almost right in the first sentence: all primitive events p (aka observer-moment) correspond to the Universal Dovetailer reaching some computational states corresponding to p, and I have shown that for such p, and from the sound (or just consistent) machine point of view, we have p -> BDp; that is the truth of p entails the necessity of the possibility of p. It is that formula (named B in my thesis, but named LASE in this list, for Little Abstract Schroedinger Equation) which explains why the logic of observation is quantum like.

Then we can't consider this eternal return of a same event since others possibilities have to be realized... but the quantum theory of immortality allows that a same event can recur even on an infinite lenght of time, is it a paradox?

I don't see why.



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