Equivalence in the sense of category theory's notion of duality. In
Venn diagrams, for instance, the empty set is the dual of the
universal set.

More particularly to the "bitstring ensemble" ASKA "Schmidhuber
ensemble"* or UD*, the empty observer moment can be identified with Nothing,
and the empty observer moment is the whole plenitude.

Of course the flip side to "can be" is "can't be" - but in that case,
I'm afraid, Nothing does not seem to be a well defined concept (I
stand to be corrected of course!).

* I'm being cautious with my terminology here, as this bitstring
  ensemble is not the same as the one generated with speed prior, what
  I sometimes call Schmidhuber II. It is the same as the output of a
  UD, what you call UD* I beleive.

PS - Maybe this section of my book needs a little more work...

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 12:03:58PM +0100, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 13-nov.-05, ? 04:25, Russell Standish a ?crit :
> >What do you mean by singularity in this context? It does not
> >parse. Getting something from nothing is usually considered
> >problematic. Getting something from everything is not. Demonstrating
> >the equivalence of nothing and everything solves the problem does it
> >not?
> How could nothing and everything be equivalent and in which sense?
> What do you mean by nothing: not even numbers or just nothing 
> physically primitive?
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