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OK, I see what you are getting at here, but as you pointed out later
in your post the problem is that "junk" can be consistent! You want to
"throw away" the junk by showing it has zero measure without a-priori
assuming some kind of casual structure based on the continuum.

Exactly. Except I gave an argument that IF the comp hyp. is assumed to be correct, THEN we *have to* justify that the junk has measure zero (not just wanting). If we show the junk has a different measure, then we would refute comp. (Grosso modo: it is the content of the Universal Dovetailer Argument + movie graph/olympia = first half of my thesis).

Information flow would then be an emergent property of the consistent
histories you are left with.

Exactly. Except you can change the "would-be" into a "is". That's the second half of my thesis, although it is yet an open problem to see if I got there the right (empirically) information flow. But I get enough for retrieving a non trivial notion of quantization explaining why the shape of appearance is necessarily dynamical and non boolean. I hope to show it being 100% reversible (Newton lesson) and non generally clonable (Einstein Podolski Rosen lesson).
Well, actually I hope it will gives the qubits.
I am not contesting the Everett-Hartle-... Deutsch-Zurek explanation of how bits come from qubits. Just saying comp gives a path from bits to qubits too. A double path. It is the incompleteness phenomenon(*) which makes that path double, i.e. separated into a communicable part and a non communicable part explaining simultaneously quanta and qualia (I would argue).


(*) captured by the set difference between the modal logics G* and G, as I try to explain on the everything-list.


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