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> Now observation and knowledge are defined in the logics of 
> self-reference, i.e. by transformation of G and G*, and so are each 
> multiplied by two. Actually and amazingly for the knower (the first 
> person) G and G* give the same logic, like if the first person 
> conflates truth and provability. But for the notion of observation, G 
> and G* give again different logics, so that the observer can 
> distinguish communicable observations ("physical facts") and non 
> communicable observations (sensations, I would argue). 

Are you now saying that your operators 

   Pp = Bp & -B-p


   Op = Bp & p & -B-p

correspond to "to observe" (Op being "to validly observe" I
suppose)?. Previously, you would say that Pp is "to bet on p", and Op
"to correctly bet on p", which never really made sense to me. What's
the French word you would use for this - I may know it, or perhaps I
can figure the relevant English term from a dictionary.


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