Probably b), although I suspect c) also applies...


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> I beg the groups indulgence....A question....
> In your mind there is a great deal of mental manipulation of QM concepts. 
> When you do that what is your belief about what you are doing?:
> a) Do you think you are manipulating(structuring/causally connecting) the 
> stuff of which the universe is made?
> Or
> b) Do you think you are correlating appearances? .ie. how it looks when we 
> empirically query it and observe its behaviour.
> Or 
> c) Do you think these are indistinguishable/ the distinction is moot. 
> (neither/both - irrelevant)
> I don't want to debate it (although I can if you want)....I am trying to get 
> a feel for the general view on this as I have had some rather odd experiences 
> in the area as of late....
> Regards
> Colin Hales

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