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On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 10:46:47AM -0800, George Levy wrote:
> Kim Jones wrote:
> >can God in her omniscient, omnipotent wisdom create a rock that is so  
> >heavy even God herself cannot lift it? ;-)
> >
> >Kim Jones
> Along these lines I found a way to resolve the theist and the atheist 
> viewpoints: It is simply to assert that god is so big and powerful 
> (omniscient and omnipotent) that he is the creator of a world capable of 
> creating itself. Hence his role in creation is nil even though he is the 
> creator.  This approach allows the scientific process to continue as if 
> there were no god. Evolution is OK. The big bang is OK.  It also 
> satisfies the theists because it raises god to such unimaginable level 
> of power that he is able create this way: by doing nothing. This god is 
> surely bigger than any "hands-on-creation" god that classical religions 
> have come up with. ;-)
> George

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