Le Samedi 26 Novembre 2005 18:47, Jesse Mazer a écrit :
Stathis Papaioannou wrote:
 >I was thinking of people who accept some ensemble theory such as MWI, but
 >don't believe in QTI. I must admit, I find it difficult to understand how
 >even a dualist might justify (a) as being correct. Would anyone care to

What would be the meaning to accept solution a ?

Are we only sentient entities for a small(art) moment ?

It sounds stupid to only be sentient for a moment... just because a moment has 
no meaning for entities like us. Like I like to repeat, what could it means 
to not be self aware... ? Could we as first person perspective be "aware" of 
not being "aware" ? It sounds non sense.

While I agree it is quite of topic.. this is something that I got lot of 
interest into. Why are we looking for a consistent meaning of our own life ?


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