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Yes, but it's a fact that there exists laws of physics. I am of the opinion that what really exists is an ensemble of algorithms and that the laws of
physics is a consequence of this.

OK. (Except I am not sure that the existence of physical laws are a fact, just an inference from facts).

Whatever your starting point, you'll end
up with an absolute measure over the set of all OMs.

That is an open question for me (absolute measure still does not make sense for me and for ... the lobian machine).

But even if that is true it is not clear for me if such a measure could be relevant.

But this is again the Relative/Absolute sampling debate. Once I got a little bit more time I will explain why an absolute measure would need an S5 modal logic, the one which cannot really appear in the lobian talk ...

Sorry to invoke the lobian beast so often, but I'm only his humble messenger ... ;)



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