Hi John,

To search informations on the net on G and G*, it is easier to search on "logic of provability".

G is also called KW, KW4, L, GL, PRL in other papers or book.
G* is also called G', PRL^omega, GLS

The Stanford entry is rather good:

In brief words G is a modal logic which describes what a classical theory or machine can prove about its own provability abilities. And G* is a modal logic which describes what is true (provable or not by the machine) about its own provability abilities.

Don't confuse "provability" with "probability". Careful when typing because the "b" and the "v" are close on the keyboard!


Le 29-déc.-05, à 00:48, John M a écrit :

Bruno, could you include some BRIEF words for the
profanum vulgus about that ominous  "G - G*" magic as
well? I searched Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, but could
not find any reasonable hint.
 You and other savants on the list apply this magic
many times always. Am I the only one who missed that
in grammar school?



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