Your post gave ME the hilarity (your word):
sane - I like to use: "normal" and "crazy" as
"abnormal" in my central-EU distorted vocabulary -
paraphrases your statement:
The everage of the majority of people are abnormal,
while the exceptional, the abnormal,  are the normal.
Which of course is counter-sense (nonsense?). We have
the wrong normative? 

John M
(not so sane)

--- George Levy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Bruno Marchal wrote:
> > Godel's result, known as Godel's second
> incompleteness theorem,  is 
> > that no consistent machine can prove its own
> consistency:
> >
> >             IF M is consistent then M cannot prove
> its consistency
> Bruno,
> After I read your email, we had a gathering of
> family and friends, and 
> my head being full of the subject of this post. I
> wanted to test the 
> idea of Godel's second incompleteness theorem on the
> average people just 
> to see how they would respond. I found the right
> place in the discussion 
> to insert the paraphrase:
> If I am sane, it is impossible to know for sure that
> I am sane.
> This povoked some hilarity, especially with my kids
> (young adults) who 
> probably view me as some kind of nutty professor.
> While this statement 
> is mathematically true, it was not considered
> serious by the people I 
> was talking with. I guess that the average human has
> no doubt about his 
> own sanity.(But my kids had some doubts about mine)
> One way to prove 
> that you are crazy is to assert that you are sane.
> This means that the 
> average human is crazy! :-)
> George

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