So apparently those who do not scale the dizzying heights of metamathematics have no hope of understanding reality?

Try again, Jose.


Music is a form of mathematics which I DO understand. I wonder how many great mathematicians on this list have an understanding of the structure of that little piece of Platonia? I am trying to see the link between this and metamathematics. Some people have agreed (privately) with me that there is a link. I am not a mathematician, true. For that reason I make no attempt to deal with this language but use the musician's intuitive feeling for reality which is highly refined in terms of my own 1st person experience.

There will come a time very soon when all of this comp stuff will need to be translated into terms the LAYman can understand easily. Russell Standish has already made the attempt. I appreciate gratly his attempt. Stop wanking off that mathematics is the ONLY script in which reality is encoded. It could well turn out to be music.

Somebody (with enough musical understanding) prove me wrong

Kim Jones

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That was a real bit of pure pseudomathematical nonsense

Jose Brox

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