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Hello All,

    Pardon the comment, but is it not obvious to all that Mathematics is a
realm of which faithful representations of our Physical universe span an
infinitesimal portion? Even those of us that do not swallow the sweet Blue
Pill of Platonia can see this. ;-)



Well, I'm not sure if this is obvious or not, I'm sure it _seems_ obvious, but 
for me 
something is obvious when "a correct proof comes automatically to mind" and 
that's not the 
case for me with one of the parts: I'm quite sure there are parts of math that 
do not 
model nothing phsyical and will never do (math is not a subset of physics), but 
not really 
"sure" about the converse, if physics is a subset of math (i.e., that all 
phenomena can be mathematically modelled): I believe in it, though, the 
foundation of 
science implicitly implies to believe in it, and all the evidence we have point 
in that 

But I don't manage to grasp exactly what relation has your comment with the 
discussed. I've been staying up all night, so probably it's my fault :-)

Regards. Jose Brox 

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