Stathis Papaioannou wrote:

> There are many ways to escape from this scenario. If you are Tookie, you
> will find yourself shunted into increasingly less likely situations: not
> being caught in the first place; being caught but not being found
> guilty; being sentenced to death but getting off on appeal; being
> pardoned by the Governer at the last moment; finding that you are one of
> the 1/billion people who have a natural resistance to the lethal agent.

Only your last scenario is causally connected to having received a
lethal injection.  What does "shunted" mean in the above?  Once I
experience having had the injection, how would I get "shunted" to any of
the preceding outcomes?

> If that all falls through, you might find that your arrest and execution
> was all part of a dream, or that you were actually executed but your
> head was preserved and you were resurrected as a computer upload in the
> future, or you were resurrected as a result of brute force emulation of
> every possible human mind in the very far future. These latter
> possibilities may be more likely than quantum tunneling to a tropical
> island, but in the final analysis, however unlikely the escape route may
> be, if its probability is non-zero, then it *has* to happen, doesn't it?

These scenarios are all causally connected to having been lethally
injected.  But your final question goes to the heart of the issue I
raised.  What is the likeliest scenario which includes the memory of
being lethally injected?  Are there always non-zero probability
outcomes, which, according to MWI, must be realized somewhere?


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