Le Mercredi 4 Janvier 2006 02:37, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :
> But it isn't possible to "die young" if QTI is true! Every time you come to
> a point where you might die, something will happen to save you. When you
> get really old, perhaps some anti-ageing treatment, or mind uploading is
> introduced just in time. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will
> continue living in full physical and mental vigour: you might just slowly
> deteriorate over time so that you end up spending centuries in a
> near-vegetative state. The question then arises, how close to a vegetable
> do you have to be before you can be pronounced dead for the purposes of
> QTI?

The real problem I see is that at every moments there must be branches that 
leads to near-vegetative state soon... but as we are still talking we haven't 
experienced these... 

Another problem is that there must be a lot more observer moment of me being 
very very old and sane than the total of observer moments I've experienced 
till I have memories, but still I experience being very very young compared 
to the age I should be in my "real life memories" (as it is much more longer 
than what I've been living till now).

That means ordering is important in observer moments and ASSA must be false in 
this respect.

On the other hand, I no longer see what is the meaning of "I" in this context, 
every next "i" (even those who fade out, go in hell) are continuity of my 
present "I"... but none of them would recognize being the other "i" except 
having be me... It leads to me that "I" is an instantaneous concept and I see 
this very insatisfaying... feeling I think.


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