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The D is put for the modal Diamond "possibility". Dp is ~B~p (possible p = not necessary not p). With the provability logics (G and/or G*): the B represent formal provability and the D represents formal consistency. Dt is the same as ~Bf and represents (self)-consistency. Semantically it is equivalent with the existence of at least one model/world/situation/observer-moment. You can translate Dt -> ~BDt, by "if I am consistent then I cannot prove my consistency", or (semantically): "if there is an observer-moment then I cannot prove there is an observer-moment". I was just saying that "there is a (next) observer-moment" is already faith-based (theological?) for the lobian machine (or any lobian entity, actually).


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Science should be agnostic, at least methodologically, even with g = "there is a universe or there is an observer moment". Comp science is provably agnostic: Dt -> ~BDt.

What's "D" mean?


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