George Levy writes:

I understand Bruno's stand on Machine Theology. After all we are really talking about the "soul in the machine." It is really controversial but so what? It will certainly drive the point home.

One more point for Stathis: If atheism is not a religion, then zero is not a number.

We can argue about the precise definition of words, but I think a fundamental point is missed if religion and atheism are put on a par. It is like the Christian fundamentalists' demand that "creation science" be taught in schools alongside evolutionary biology, because nobody can reasonably claim that evolutionary biology is *certainly* true and "creation science" *certainly* false.

There is a clear difference between, on the one hand, believing x despite the lack of any supporting evidence and, on the other hand, not believing x because of the lack of any supporting evidence - especially if x is something inherently bizarre or incredible.

Stathis Papaioannou

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