Except I think that identifying G* with God is unhelpful. God is at
best an incoherent concept, which is part of the reason why theology
is a problematic word. G* is basically Truth by another name.

Bruno wants to use theology in its original Hellenistic sense - fine,
except he will have his work cut out explaining that this is how he
intends to use the word. Of course if he picks a completely new word
then he will need to explain this as well.


On Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 12:16:29PM -0800, George Levy wrote:
> Bruno
> I am still thinking about the naming issue and I am not 100% satisfied 
> with any suggestion. The field we are discussing is really at the 
> intersection of three subjects: Theology, Physics and Psychology. This 
> reminds me that about six years ago I wrote a book which was never 
> published (I did not have the credentials and/or the book was too "far 
> out" for the editors). I entitled the book "God, the World and I."  In 
> terms of your theory "God, the World and I" may correspond to G*, G and 
> the first person.

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