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One more point for Stathis: If atheism is not a religion, then zero is not a number.

There is a clear difference between, on the one hand, believing x despite the lack of any supporting evidence and, on the other hand, not believing x because of the lack of any supporting evidence

As far as I know atheists believe in no god ( B~G or equivalently B( G=f ) ) and agnostics do not commit themselves to believing in god. (~BG) . In that sense atheists are true believers. You are confusing the instance with the class. The fact that zero represents a null value does not mean that its status as a number is nil. The fact that atheists believe in zero god does not mean they do not believe in anything.


Atheists do not always define the term "atheism" as believing there is no God, they often define it simply as lacking any belief in God--see the quotes from various atheist writers at

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