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Atheists do not always define the term "atheism" as believing there is no God, they often define it simply as lacking any belief in God--see the quotes from various atheist writers at http://www.infidels.org/news/atheism/sn-definitions.html

Thanks. But it is normal. It is strategy of atheist to put the agnostic in their rank. In his "treatise of atheology" a Belgium atheist described agnostic as just a polite form of atheism.

I just discover that Raymond Smullyan in a little book on religion "Who knows?" says also that atheism and religious believer are much more alike compare with the agnostics.

With Ben I propose that we stick with (g = "God exists")
religious believer = Bg
atheism = B~g
agnosticism = ~Bg & ~B~g

Of course atheism will be relative to a notion of God.
Many people believe they are atheist, and then agree that they are just agnostic once the definition above is recalled or given. But I know personaly "real atheist" and even atheist "sects", and in general they hate much more the agnostics than the religious believer. atheist and religious believer have in common that they dislike doubts on that subjects. For them it cannot be a priori a matter of science (that is a matter of doubt).



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