I agree with John.
What could it mean to choose a belief?
I think we can only to choose to fake a belief, for not hurting a parent or to survive in some tyrannic system.

But I will try, in case you are right, I will try to believe it is not raining today :)


Le 19-janv.-06, à 04:14, John M a écrit :

See below:

 Religion means believing something in the absence
of sufficient

Stathis Papaioannou
My belief is that in matters of faith, you can
choose to believe or not
believe based on your personal preferences.
Stathis wrote it right, except for the unidentifiable
"sufficient evidence". A faithful person 'believes'
that the 'evidence' he so calls is 'sufficient'. It is
a 1st person decision. Undebatable.
Popper did not find sufficient (scientific) evidence,
only falsification.
And then come emotions into play...

John Mikes



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