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I add that your link provide a way to recover my old conversation with Joel Dobrzelewski on the list (28 June 2001), which presents the simplest version of the Universal Dovetelair Argument (UDA), i.e. the argument showing that the computationalist hypothesis (in the bio/psycho/theo/-logical sciences) entails that physics is ultimately a branch of machine bio/psycho/theo/-logy. In particular it shows that physics can be presented as a probability or credibility measure on the relative computational histories (which are computation as seen from some first person perspective).

The argument is presented in a step by step way, and begins here:

You can then follow the step by clicking on the right arrow next "date", and skipping the many threads we were discussing simultaneously at that time.

People interested can ask questions. Note that the lobian interview does not necessitate the understanding of the UDA, but this one provides the basic motivation for some of the Theaetetical variants of the modal logic G and G*.


PS I must still verify, with G*, some assertions made by Plotinus, and reciprocally I need to verify assertions made by G* with Plotinus. To be sure I have found a discrepancy between the loebian entity and Plotinus. It seems to be a point where the neoplatonist diverge the most from Aristotle, and then apparently the loebian diverges still more. To conclude I need better translations and unabridged version of Plotinus. I need a bit more time.

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Here is a link to an article I wrote in 2001 explaining what the
Universal Dovetailer is:

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