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For one thing:  Are platonic mathematical entities really static and timeless like platonist philosophers say?  What if platonic mathematical entities can 'change state' somehow ?  What if they're dynamic?  And what if the *movement* of platonic mathematics entities *are* Qualia (conscious experiences).  Are there any mathematical truths which may be time indexed (time dependent)?  Or are all mathematical truths really fixed

This is a curious question given that "platonism", by definition, is the doctrine that (mathematical truth) is fixed.

Now, what perhaps you are missing, is that, even just arithmetical truth (and even less) defines canonical "person point of views" (hypostases) including some which develop temporal logic and dynamics. This is a consequence of incompleteness.

Your question was really "is platonism false?"
All naturalist (physicalist, materialist) believes that platonism is false, since Aristotle.
I mean the monist or neoplatonist understanding of Plato.



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