Tom wrote:
....what are we left with? 

To make my point more plain, I will give my own answer to this question. If we abandon a belief in truth, or if we totally separate truth from our lives, then what are we left with? We are left devoid of meaning in our lives. We would end up with something like, "I as a person, do not exist, for putting such a label as "person" on me would be persumptuous of having a corner on truth, and I don't believe in truth. Instead, I just aimlessly float, like an undefined point, from one observer-moment to the next, and randomly bounce off my surroundings. Since I don't have any beliefs that I hold onto for more than one observer-moment at a time (since I am not a person), then anything can change my mind. In fact, this implies (for I wouldn't dare assume it) that my mind doesn't not exist. There are only particulars. Therefore, why am I even thinking or talking? I am lost. But this doesn't matter because I don't exist as a person and so I have nothing to lose. I am not making sense."


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