John M wrote:

just imagine a fraction of the infinite afterlife:
to sing the pius chants for just 30,000 years by
'people' in heaven with Alzheimers, arthritis, in pain
and senility? Or would you choose an earlier phase of terrestrial
life for the introduction in heaven: let us say: the
fetal age? or school-years with the mentality of a
teenager? Would you love spouse No 1,2,or 3? Would you
forget about the biggest blunder you did and regretted
all your life?

To say nothing of all those half-formed fetuses squirming around. No wonder the Church is against abortion.

Brent Meeker
"Any eternal God would be so bored after one eternity that It would do Its best to commit suicide by creating an equally adept Opponent. Half of the time the Opponent would succeed and the process would repeat. It is impossible to know whether the current "God" is an even or odd term in the series."
        --- Roahn Wynar

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