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This is one point where I depart from your metaphysics. Traditional
aristotelianism asserts existence of matter, and that psyche emerges
from that.

OK. (except that many aristotelian, like Stephen, are dualist, but most of their "naturalist" grandchildren are materialist monist, so ok).

You assert the existence of numbers, and of psyche, and
show how matter arises from that.

I assume only the existence of numbers. Then psyche arises (logically, not temporaly), and then matter arises (logically too, and this has been partially tested, but only partially). I agree that in the UDA I assume psyche/consciousness, for example, when thinking about saying yes or no to the doctor, but this is logically eliminated when I go to the universal machine interview, where psyche will be described by Boole (the laws of mind) and Godel-Lob-Solovay (laws of loebian self-reference).

I think both are needed. The psyche supervenes on matter, and the
properties of matter depend on the psyche.


All of which exists because
numbers exist.

Arithmetical Monism?
I am not sure I understand you. If you agree everything comes from numbers then we do agree. Oops ... must go.

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