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I doubt Marchal's ideas will be made widely known or popularized in the foreseeable future. The problem isn't with the name of his theory, or with any problem with Bruno per se beyond this: There doesn't seem to be an easily reducible way to summarize the theory in a manner that is digestible to anyone beyond the highly specialized in similar fields. I certainly understand the basics of some of his ideas, but when it gets into all his logical analysis I just have never found myself willing to devote myself to the time required to really get into the detail of where he is coming from. And I would consider myself highly interested in these topics and at least reasonably intelligent.

Even something as mundane as the MWI (to this group at least) runs into a brickwall when presented to the layperson. You should see the conversations I have with my wife. Tell people everything is made of strings. Or space and time can be warped and curved. They may not understand the science and math behind it at all, but at least you are speaking their language.

The world is not ready for his ideas. Even for the most part the world of scientists in my opinion.

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