The original source is the paper by M. H. Loeb (also written Lob or Löb)

LÖB M. H., 1955, Solution of a Problem of Leon Henkin, Journal of 
Symbolic Logic, 20, pp. 115-118.

A good introductory book is:

SMULLYAN R., 1987, Forever Undecided, Alfred A. Knopf, New York.

Good textbooks on Mathematical Logic usually prove the theorem of Lob, 

MENDELSON E., 1987, Introduction to Mathematical Logic, 3ème édition, 
Wadsworth & brooks/Cole.

See also my Sane paper for more reference and an introduction to lobian 


Le 27-févr.-06, à 20:28, Jad a écrit :

> Hello,
>   Could you please refer me to sources of information on the "Lobian 
> Machine" ?
> Greets,
> Jad

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