Hi, Stephen,

when I first made the mistake of barging int ontology
I started from "Nothingness" and continued: once it
becomes aware of it's nonexistence it starts to exist
and realizing its emptyness it became "Somethingness".

I had a good laugh. Since then (~1990?) I don't think
in "so smart" lines. I had some delicious talks at
that time with Hal Ruhl whose ideas were not (too)
contradictory to mine, but since then he went ahead
into more sophisticated domains and I stayed back. 

I don't think 'nothingness' IS an empty string,
because and empty string IS - as you thought correctly
- a string. I would not suggest for 'nothingness' a
nice substitute of "the content of an empty string"
because what does identify a string with nothing in
it? It is not nothingness, it is a string without
substance. A pictureframe without a picture in it.
Something anyway. 

But I apologize, I still should not speculate in
things which are beyond our speculative (human)

And whether there really IS something? We THINK so,
the solipsists don't. As Descart should have said:
We think, because we think that we think - so we ARE. 

John M

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> Hi Norman,
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> Subject: Why is there something rather than nothing?
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> > "Why is there something rather than nothing?"
> >
> > When I heard that Famous Question, I did not
> assume that "nothing" was
> > describable - because, if it was, it would not be
> "nothing."  I don't 
> > think
> > of "nothing" as an empty bitstring - I think of it
> as the absence of a
> > bitstring - as "no thing."
> >
> > Given that definition, is there a conceivable
> answer to The Famous 
> > Question?
>    Yes, there is an answer! Because Nothingness can
> not non-Exist.
> Onward!
> Stephen 

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