OK, Norman,

here is my challenge to your 'new' question to answer
without retrospection or self-reference:

Why do we speculate?

And don't you speculate too long on the answer.

John M

--- Norman Samish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Thanks to all who replied to my question.  This
> question has bothered me for years, and I have hopes
> that some progress can be made towards an answer.
> I've heard some interesting concepts, including:
> (1) "Numbers must exist, therefore 'something' must
> exist."
> (2) "Something exists because Nothingness cannot
> non-Exist."
> Perhaps the above two are equivalent.
> With respect to (1) above, why must numbers exist?  
> With respect to (2) above, why can't "nothingness"
> exist?  The trivial answer is that even "nothing" is
> "something."  However, I don't think that this
> addresses the real question.  
> A state of pure "NO THING" would forbid even the
> existence of numbers, or of empty space, or of an
> empty set.  It would be non-existence.  
> Non-existence seems so much simpler than the
> infinity of things, both material and immaterial,
> that surrounds us.  So why are things here?  (I'm
> grateful that they are, of course.)
> Is this a self-consistent, if unanswerable,
> question?
> Norman

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