According to the holographic principle, there is complete 
equivalence between a set of physical laws on an 
n-dimensional space and another set of physical laws on 
a boundary of this space. Based on simple everything
considerations, I conjecture that in our universe there is
indeed a kind of holographic principle at work, however the
equivalence is not complete. The two sets of physical laws
are actually describing two different domains of the same
universe. Both domains, the n-dimensional space and the
boarder space, actually do exist. On the boarder space there
may be a superposition of two kinds of physical states. One
kind corresponds to the states in the n-dimensional space
and one kind of states does not. Instead of the complete
two-way equivalence, there is a one-way inference. Every
piece of information in the n-dimensional space is almost
instantly projected to the boundary or boundaries of that
space ("projective inference"). Physical objects and even
phase space objects are projected into the same direction(s). 

Let me call this kind of projections "teleportation
projections". The inverse teleportation, back into the original
space, is presumably an operation of greater complexity. 
Therefore, it should be expected to play a minor role in the
physical evolution of the universe. Inverse teleportation
projection should be extremely unlikely.

Nevertheless, the proof of the existence of such
transformations may be quite helpful when exploring physical
theories. See the articles "Information in the Holographic
Universe," by Jacob D. Bekenstein; Scientific American,
August 2003, and "The Illusion of Gravity," by Juan
Maldacena; Scientific American, November 2005, for less
hypothetical facts about the holographic principle.

Think twice before doing a quick trip to Millitime the highly
popular restaurant at the spatial end of the universe!
Teleportation projection is a one-way teleportation! There is
no direct way back. The measure of objects that have 
been projected to the boundary, will however diffuse back into
the n-dimensional space, occupying and passing through
areas close to the boundary. Can you see (the energy of) the
shadows on the wall of the ancient universe?

Do the "projective inference" and the conditions at the 
boarder provide an unexpected explanation for the dark 
energy as well as for the belief in accelerated expansion 
of the universe? Is energy conserved or does it grow at the 
end of the universe??

The title of this list / group reads "a mailing list for
discussion of the idea that all possible universes exists".
I admit that I have "infinite" difficulties to imagine that
every possible universe exists. Hope you do not mind that
I nevertheless post here. Above conclusions can presumably
be justified from an everything algorithm (or everything
axiom) without using any true infinities.

Bruno, sorry, I still have not really answered your questions. 
Should read more of your publications first. Should I have 
written, "I" am a superposition of persons living in spaces 
of various dimensions -- a superposition of the 
n-dimensional "me" and its shadows?

Cheers and greetings, also to Millitime guests!

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