Hal Ruhl a écrit :
> Hi Georges:
> The key division of my list of possible properties of objects is: 
> [empty [read the "Nothing"]:all other properties [read my All[perhaps 
> the Everything]]].  The Nothing is incomplete [there is a meaningful 
> question it must answer but of course can not] and the All is 
> complete [the list contains itself] and thus inconsistent.  I do not 
> see a number having either property so a number can not take the 
> "place" of the Nothing and I do not see any number being able to 
> describe the Nothing - the empty string is not a number [IMO].  As 
> for the All - numbers are not internally inconsistent.  Finally, if a 
> number can not describe the Nothing then how can a number describe 
> the All which is the Nothing's "is not" partner?

I do not understand. You are considering objects that would not
have any property at all and objects that would simultaneously
have all imaginable properties?


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