Le 10-mars-06, à 00:13, Peter D Jones a écrit :

> It's is genuine in that it really is a feeling. It is ungenuine
> in the sense that it presents a false picture of our situation,
> if we really are in a deterministic situation. Bruno says
> most or all feeling are illusions. I don't get that;
> what is the difference between feeling pain and being in pain ?
> How can pain be an illusion ?

I am astonished learning I could have written that feelings are 
illusions. I could have said that they are subjectives, like the 
quantum probabilities in the MWI, but this does not make them 
"illusory" at all. Quite the contrary, I criticize Everett, not for 
making the probabilities subjective (making sense through first person 
result of measurement memory sequences), but for not taking enough  
into account the whole universal set of machine's "dreams", which 
exists by mathematical realism + the computationalist hypothesis 
(assumed in FOR). Eventually the Schroedinger equation should be 
derived from computer science as an "illusion" too, that is as a stable 
statistical appearance. A sharable dream somehow. This could make 
bosons and galaxies emerging from a mathematical realm, from some 
stable first person (plural) point of view.



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