Lists and numbers:

My model's only assumption [I think] is a countably infinite list of 
possible properties of objects.  Dividing the list defines two 
objects.  There would be an uncountably infinite number of such 
divisions of the list.  No operator is necessary but different 
divisions of the list would define objects that have different 
potential degrees of let us say physical reality - for example 
internally logical objects might tend to have a higher degree and 
internally illogical objects a lower degree.

 From this, using complete/incomplete and consistent/inconsistent 
properties and the idea that some object pairs that are both somewhat 
illogical [such as the Nothing and the All - respectively incomplete 
and inconsistent] but may nevertheless both have the highest degree 
of potential physical reality [How would one assign a higher degree 
to either member of the Nothing:All pair?] approaching 
simultaneous/continuous I seem to be able to extract evolving 
entities that could be universes including those that would "look" like ours.

Where do numbers fit into this venue?  It seems reasonable that my 
list could be encoded as a number consisting of a bit string with a 
code prefix.  Since the list requires no "operator" then perhaps no 
"decoder" is required.

One could then ask if there is some order to this association?  Did 
either the number or the list come first?  Since the list seems 
sufficient for my model the association would seem to support only 
one number.  [Other strings with different codes could work but seems 
overly rich.]  Focusing on the string [countably infinite] with the 
shortest prefix, why should this one number have an existence that 
exceeds that of other numbers?

Numbers might be objects in this venue [I think] such as objects that 
have among their properties the property "prime", but it seems 
certain that some objects would express numbers and mathematics etc.

To me, given the above, a list of all possible properties of objects 
seems a simpler and easier to unwrap base to work with.

Hal Ruhl


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