Thanks, the 'truncation' occurs in the process of
Reply  ----   B U T ---- it happens frequently in this
awful Yahoo!-mail maze that when I try ANYTHING while
writing a reply (or compose a mail) the text
disappears without recall. I wrote to Bruno a pretty
well thought-through reply to his post to me this
morning and I wanted to see a reference - POUFF my
text vanished. Frustrating. It took me more than an
hour to write it (I am slow).
Such disappearances occur frequently, sometimes while
writing, by simplyh touching a key (Can't recall which
one - afterwards) 
So it is MY unmailed text that dissipated in
cyberspace not the posted archive-material.
I have also Google-mail <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and a new
computer which I still learn to use. With this old
Kraxlwerk I will not change. Gmail saves any
composition automatically in Draft when something
would jeopardize its survival. In Yahoo you must do it
by hand - provided that you knew the surprize in
A second writing never comes out as good as the fresh
first one. 

Now about this newer mailing of yours:
I am impressed how certain parts are coming closer to
our mutual understanding. Alas, not all of them, but
there is no such thing (with differently designed Loeb
machines <G>.)
I still want to respond first to Bruno's kind reply,
so I postpone my writing to yours. 


--- Georges Qu´┐Żnot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> John M wrote:
> > 
> > [...]
> > === message truncated ===
> If for some reason you receive the message truncated
> in your
> mail tool, you can probably get the full texte from
> the site:
> Georges.

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