Norman Samish wrote:
> I don't see how a list of numbers could, by itself, contain any meaningful 
> information.  Sure, a list of numbers could be an executable program, but 
> there has to be an executive program to execute the executable program.
> The multiverse has to therefore consist of more than a matrix of numbers 
> which amount to an executable program.

I feel that the computational approach is a wrong direction
for the question of existence. A matrix of numbers is not
the only type of mathematical object the multiverse can be.

> Where could the executive program have come from?   Perhaps one could call 
> it "God."  I can think of no possibility other than  "It was always there," 
> and eternal existence is a concept I can't imagine.  Are there any other 
> possibilities?

I think there is another possibility. I tried to explain it
in my exchanges with John. It relies on several speculations
or conjectures:

- Mathematical objects exist by themeslves ("They were
   (or: are, intemporal) always there"),
- The multiverse is isomorphic to a mathematical object,
- Perception of existence is an internal property of the
   multiverse (mind emerges from matter activity),
- Mathematical existence and physical existence are the
   same ("there is no need that something special be inside
   particles", the contrary is an unnecessary and useless
   dualism, "the fire *is* in the equations").

Some details and some (weak) arguments can be found in my
recent posts to this group. Some papers from Max Tegmark
are also relevant:


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