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> Dualism says there are two really existing realms or substances.

This is Descartes' dualism between mind and body.

> Saying the physical realm is concrete and real and the mathematical
> realm is abstract and unreal is not dualism.

Well, it is not Descartes' dualism, but it is sometimes called Plato's 
dualism, between the observable world and the invisible reality.

Like you I  prefer to keep the term of "dualism" for the cartesian one, 
especially in the comp-or-weaker frame where the two notions interfere.

>> Both view seem to have their champions here. I guesse that
>> when saying "This has to be saying simply that the multiverse
>> IS a mathematical object." Tom ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) defends
>> the monist view as obvious and the only one making sense while
>> when saying "[The universe] has real existence, as opposed
>> to the other mathematical objects which are only abstract."
> Well, I've never seen a mathematical object. Have you
> ever seen the number 3?

Have you ever seen something material? Of course you can tell me:  "oh 
yes I have just seen a cup of coffee this morning". What makes you so 
sure it is material? We "see" only immaterial pictures, like in dream. 
We *infer*  "matter", and today both reasonable theories (QM, comp) and 
experiments (Aspect for example) put difficulties on the aristotelian 
(stuffy)  conception of matter.



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