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1. do we have a REAL argument against solipsism? (Our
stupidity may allow also all the bad things that

2. Is reasonable or rational thinking exclusive for
ONLY those, who live in a 'numbers' obsession? 
or is it an elitist heaughtiness to look down to all,
who do not share such obsession? How about vice versa?

3. Suppose the 'numbers based' worldview gains
universal approval (by ~3006?) - what will that help
in the betterment of the world? or even in the
betterment of human thinking? Or even of more civil
general life- conditions? 

John M

--- Quentin Anciaux <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> To brent... (sorry I do not have the mail in my
> mailbox to reply to it).
> So reality is what kicks back... Ok, but that was
> not the question (really), I 
> want to know what distinction you do between
> abstract thing and real thing ?
> You would say "real things are things when throw at
> you, hurt you ?" or 
> something similar ;) but I'd say (even for the kicks
> back) I remember dream 
> where I was hurt and remember clearly feeling pain
> when it happened in my 
> dream, I could still feel a remembered pain when I
> woke up, would you say my 
> dream was real then ?
> Regards,
> Quentin

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