John M wrote:
> to more recent posts:
> 1. do we have a REAL argument against solipsism? (Our
> stupidity may allow also all the bad things that
> "happen".)
> 2. Is reasonable or rational thinking exclusive for
> ONLY those, who live in a 'numbers' obsession? 
> or is it an elitist heaughtiness to look down to all,
> who do not share such obsession? How about vice versa?
> 3. Suppose the 'numbers based' worldview gains
> universal approval (by ~3006?) - what will that help
> in the betterment of the world? or even in the
> betterment of human thinking? Or even of more civil
> general life- conditions? 

Just another comment: whether Descates' dualism is true
or not and whether Plato's dualism is true or not (I adopt
the way Bruno refers to them), this will have no effect
at all on the way I will behave with other people. As far
as my ethics is concerned, this is completely neutral.
I understand that this might not be the case for other
people (what they think about these dualisms might bias
their ethics) but I do not see how or why one should be
more dangerous than the other. Finally I am currently
agnostic about both and, for both, my common sense says
"dualism" while my Okham's razor says "monism" (and I am
not an integrist of Okham's razor).


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