Bruno Marchal wrote:

> Le 16-mars-06, à 22:52, [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit :
> > Is isomorphism or a one-to-one correspondence a mathematical concept or
> > a metamathematical (or metaphysical? another complication in the
> > discussion) concept?  I take them as mathematical concepts, so that
> > speculating about isomorphisms of things like the multiverse is in
> > itself assuming that the multiverse is mathematical.  I don't think we
> > can use the one-to-one correspondence when it comes to metamathematical
> > questions like the multiverse (or philosophy of everything), but this
> > is simply because I assume that the multiverse (or "everything") is
> > metamathematical.
> Metamathematics is a branch of mathematics.

It think he meant something outside of mathematics,  like Aristotelean
matter, rather
than metamathematics in the sense of Godel etc.

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