Bruno Marchal wrote:

> This means you miss the point. The only assumption is "comp" by which I
> mean the "yes doctor" hypothesis together with Church's thesis and a
> minimal amount of arithmetical realism (AR: just the idea that
> elementary arithmetical truth is independent of me, you ...This is
> different from AR+ which says that only numbers exists).
> The assumptions you are mentioning are part of the consequences. We can
> try later to isolate the precise step where you think I make those
> assumptions. I agree the UDA is not so simple: I introduce
> supplementary hypotheses to make the argument simple and modular, and
> then, later on, I eliminate those supplementary assumptions.

I don't agree. I think you slip from "minds can be implemented on more
than one kind of hardware" to "minds do not need any kind of hardware".

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