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> John M writes:
> > 1. do we have a REAL argument against solipsism?
> Let me express how solipsism can be analyzed in the
> model where physical
> reality is part of mathematical reality.
> Let us adopt Bruno's UDA perspective: the Universal
> Dovetailer (UD)
> is an abstract machine that runs all possible
> computer programs.

And so on, a beautiful essay I would mostly agree with
if I hadn't asked the above question. 

I do not expand into the "if not" (if 'reality'
(whatever it is) is NOT part of mathematical reality 
(whatever THAT may be, any one of the two subsytems of
the other). 

I just asked to 'verify' Bruno, the ideas, you, me,
beyond a solipstick (OOPS wrong spelling) imagination.
Once you are WITHIN my solipsism, you can say anything
you are still in it. Iimagine UDA, the possible or not
computer programs, etc. I asked how can such a craze
be broken? 
(Not circularly, from inside the craze - of course).

So my question stands in spite of your brilliant

John M

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