Quentin Anciaux wrote:
> To brent... (sorry I do not have the mail in my mailbox to reply to it).
> So reality is what kicks back... Ok, but that was not the question (really), 
> I 
> want to know what distinction you do between abstract thing and real thing ?
> You would say "real things are things when throw at you, hurt you ?" or 
> something similar ;) but I'd say (even for the kicks back) I remember dream 
> where I was hurt and remember clearly feeling pain when it happened in my 
> dream, I could still feel a remembered pain when I woke up, would you say my 
> dream was real then ?
> Regards,
> Quentin

No. Although, I don't necessarily agree with Vic.  My point was that "real" is 
an adjective we invented to describe things.  We don't always use it 
consistently, but it's our concept.  Vic makes a model of the world and in his 
model he calls "real" that which kicks back when you kick it.  You can't kick 
your dream, so even if it kicked you it's not real...in Vic's model.  I don't 
think there's any sense in asking, "What's *really* real?"  It's a question of 
models and how well they explain and predict our experience.

Brent Meeker

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