Georges Quénot wrote:
> >
> > Since I don't adopt the premise that everything is
> > mathematical,
> I would like to clarify just that point. I understood that
> you do not adopt it (and whatever your reasons I have to
> respect the fact). By the way I am not sure I really :-)
> adopt it either.
> But can you make a difference between adopting it and
> being able to consider that it might make sense (whether
> it is true or not) and conduct (or follow) reflections
> in a context in which it would be conjectured as true?

I don't think Mathematical Monism makes sense (to be precise it
is either incoherent, in asserting that only some mathematical
objects exist, or inconsistent with observation in asserting that
they all do)..

> > [...] Maps are isomorphic to
> > territories, but are not territories.
> Well. Territories *are* maps. Just a very specific type
> of map but maps anyway. they are not. You can't grow potatoes in a map of a farm.

> Identity is just an isomorphism
> among possibly many others.

All identity relations are isomorphisms as well.
Not all isomporhisms are identity relations.

> The territory can be the map
> and indeed vice versa.

You can't fold up the farm and put it in your pocket.

> Georges.

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