Le Samedi 18 Mars 2006 01:58, [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit :
> Ground them operationally, then. Real things have real properties and
> unreal
> things don't. Real properties can be observed empirically. Primeness
> then is not
> a real property.

I'll take another stupid example to try to explain my question...

Considering materialist view, what does it means to "have existed" ?

So I'm living right now, I'd say I exists, one day I'll die and in a 
materialist view I'll not exists anymore, will not ever have conscious state. 
What remains of my existance is in the memory of people who knew me, when 
they'll die, It'll be in the memory of people who have been taugh that I 
existed... then they'll die too, and one day humanity will disappear, earth 
will disappear, any trace that humanity has ever existed will disappear, when 
this time come what will render me more real as Tintin (the Hergé comics 
hero)... I have existed but nothing could tell it (even me as at that time 
I'll not be anymore), so what does it means to have existed at all ?


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