> Georges Quénot wrote:
>>> Georges Quénot wrote:
>>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>>>>> Georges Quenot wrote:
>>>>>> That "[The universe] has real existence, as opposed to the
>>>>>> other mathematical objects which are only abstract." is what
>>>>>> I called a dualist view.
>>>>> Dualism says there are two really existing realms or substances.
>>>>> Saying the physical realm is concrete and real and the mathematical
>>>>> realm is abstract and unreal is not dualism.
>>>> This *splits* "things" into "realness" and "abstractedness".
>>> No abstract "objects" aren't real things at all.
>> Well... I am not sure I should insist. I do not want to
>> force you to believe or consider something you are not
>> willing to believe or consider.
>> The question is not whether they are real things or not.
>> It is whether they are things or not.
> [...]

Thanks for your answers.


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