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> > > [...] Maps are isomorphic to
> > > territories, but are not territories.
> >
> > Well. Territories *are* maps. Just a very specific type
> > of map but maps anyway.
> err...no they are not. You can't grow potatoes in a map of a farm.

If the map is sufficiently detailed it contains a full simulation down
to the chemistry level of the soil, then most people would say that
you can grow (simulated) potatoes on the map.

> > Identity is just an isomorphism
> > among possibly many others.
> All identity relations are isomorphisms as well.
> Not all isomporhisms are identity relations.
> > The territory can be the map
> > and indeed vice versa.
> You can't fold up the farm and put it in your pocket.

I can't fold up the atlas that sits on my bookshelf and fit it in my
pocket either. Yet the atlas is undeniably a map, and undeniably less
detailed than the sorts of maps that might be confused with territory.

Bruno's commentary is still valid. Ad hominem arguments like these are
simply laughable.

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