Bruno Marchal wrote:
> Le 15-mars-06, à 17:51, Georges Quenot a écrit :
>>>> *If* comp is true. I am not sure of that.
>>> Me too. But it is the theory I am studying. Also comp provides some
>>> neat "etalon philosophy" to compare with other theories. The advantage
>>> of comp (which I recall includes Church thesis) is that, at least, 
>>> many
>>> fundamental questions can be addressed.
>> Which one for instance (that is not addressed in the view of
>> the universe/multiverse as a mathematical object)?
> The relation between first and third person concepts. Comp allows (at 
> least) and actually necessitates the use of theoretical computer 
> science(s). It is a mine of interesting results. My work exploits many 
> of them for the translation of the UD Argument in the language of the 
> universal machine. Actually it is one of them, Godel's theorem, which 
> convinces me of the possibility of the enterprise.

I am sorry. I don't see. What Comp can say about the relation
between first and third person concepts that could not be said
in a "simple" "mathematical-monism" context?


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