A few comments:

IMO it is necessary to make a distinction between existence, reality, 
and physical reality.

My latest model:

Existence:  A property that should be reserved for the basis of the 
specific "everything" model such as "numbers".

Reality:  A property of any entity derived from the existence of the basis.

Physical reality: A property of such an entity that allows it to 
alter the properties of another entity or have its properties so 
altered. The only such alteration that seems possible is the one that 
gives an entity the property of physical reality or not - thus 
entities interact through altering which entities have physical reality.

A "flow" or a dynamic in physical reality has thus been introduced.

Notice that the notion of "property" runs through all of these.  Thus 
in my view "property" should be the basis in the form of a list of 
all properties.  Divisions of the list are entities and come in pairs 
and all have a degree of reality since they are derived from the list.

Entities equivalent to numbers would be a division and also this 
division would be contained within other divisions.

Another division would be the generator of the Nothing and the 
All.  Can the Nothing have physical reality?  There seems to be a 
problem with "it can".   If it does then it does not since no other 
entity then could.  If it does not then there is no issue and it 
would remain in this condition.

Can zero entities have physical reality?  No - this would be the same 
as no physical reality - essentially the Nothing having physical reality.

Can just one entity have physical reality?  No - this violates the 
definition of physical reality.

Can those entities having physical reality be static?  No - this is 
equivalent to the absence of physical reality.

Can just two entities have physical reality?  No - this would permit 
the possibility of just one entity having physical reality and this 
is not allowed.

 From this basis - a list of properties - I therefore conclude that 
many entities except the Nothing can have  physical reality and that 
there must be a flow of physical reality.

Further there would be more entities than those based just on numbers.

Hal Ruhl


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