Georges Quenot wrote:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] a écrit :
> >
> > Georges Quenot wrote:
> >>
> >> If you are a being that have never observed magical events
> >> any duplicate of you "will" never have observed any magical
> >> event either (otherwise you would differ and no longer be
> >> true duplicates).
> >
> > That doesn't work the other way round. A duplicate of me up to
> > 16:51 GMT 20 mar 2006 could  suddenly start observing them.
> Your duplicate will know. Not You. And he will no longer
> be your duplicate.

I am, conventionally, the same person as my previous selves.
I have their memories. My duplicate will have my memories.
Or are you saying that I am not the same person as my
previous selves ?

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